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Twin Strainer / Duplex Filter for Industry & Business
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Kraissl Twin Filter
Model 72FHS Series
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  • Hand clamp requires no special tools on low pressure models.
  • Valve handle shields side in use.
  • Accessible swing yoke closure for easy basket cleaning.
  • Continuous flow without interruption during changeover.
  • Tapered valve plug for durability.
  • Drain connections on each basket chamber.
  • Interchangeable strainer, filter and double element baskets.
  • Bodies individually pressure tested to UP specifications.
  • Spring handle holds basket on seat.
  • Independent gland for external stem packing access.
  • Adjustable locking flange establishes valve clearance.
  • Mounting feet provided


Kraissl pipeline strainers and filters protect pumps, nozzles, valves, heat exchangers and other expensive pipeline equipment from harmful contamination by catching dirt and debris.

Kraissl duplex strainers and filters provide a simple, cost effective way to separate particle impurities from fluid systems. Duplex strainers are ideal for application where continuous flow must be maintained with no flow interruption for basket cleaning.
Kraissl strainers are listed by Underwriters Laboratories, Inc. (U.L.) and are individually tested to UL quality control specifications. These cast pipeline strainers are manufactured according to international standard A.S.T.M. F1199 for use in industrial and marine applications.

Model 72FS and 72FHS series duplex strainers are furnished in both standard or high pressure models with flanged port connections. Threaded NPT, socket weld or butt weld end models are also available, described in other bulletins. Internal channels are 100% full-flow, having the same cross-sectional area as the equivalent pipe size. Standard pressure models are furnished with our quick-opening, hand-clamp closure for easy access. High pressure models have stud-and-nut/bolted body cover closures.

Materials of construction include rugged cst carbon steel bodies, covers, and iron valve plugs, and brass, carbon steel, stainless steel or monel baskets. Special valve plugs can also be furnished in bronze, stainless steel or other materials. All stainless steel models are available in cast 316 stainless steel, 304 stainless steel or other special stainless alloys.

These duplex strainers have a built-in, tapered plug valve that directs flow through either side without shutting off the flow. A valve handle guard shields the side in use. The standard valve handle swings over the inlet port. Special reverse valve handles that sing over the outlet port can also be furnished. Drain plugs are provided in each of the valve and basket chambers. An adjustable locking flange holds the valve plug on its seat. A separate external gland is provided to allow easy access to valve stem packing without complete disassembly, even while in service.

Strainer baskets are fabricated from perforated metal. The smallest common perforation size is 1/64 inch in brass and 1/32 inch in stainless steel. Filter baskets are manufactured by using fine mesh wire cloth over supporting perforated metal. Interchangeable strainer, filter and double element baskets provide a flexible range of operating choices. The basket is held on its seat by a spring basket handle. Normal flow is through the interior of the basket which then contains the collected debris when the basket is lifted out for cleaning. Reverse flow is also possible if desired. Magnet inserts are available to help eliminate fine metallic ferrous particles.

All high pressure ("H") models with stud and nut closure are supplied with balancing valve assemblies to equalize pressure and ease valve turning. These should be specified on standard pressure models when used above the following pressures:
3/4 inch through 1 1/2 inch inclusive - 100 psig; 2 inch through 3 inch - 80 psig;4 inch through 8 inch - 15 psig.

An optional lifting jack can be provided to lift the valve plug off its seat for ease in valve turning in rough service on sizes 1 though 4 inch. A lifting jack is standard on 5, 6 and 8 inch sizes.


MODEL 72FSH SERIES - CLASS 300** STUD AND NUT COVER CLOSURE —For High Pressure to 720 psig

MODEL 72FS SERIES - CLASS 150 — HAND CLAMP (YOKE) CLOSURE — For Standard Pressure to 200 psig

These units can be supplied with out patented double-element baskets which are easily disassembled for cleaning and provide greater straining areas in the same housing.




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